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Company Background

WithYouWithMe is a FREE online training platform for overlooked talent that develops and up-skills talented military professionals to transition successfully into industry through our pathway and mentoring model.

One of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies with 3x growth YoY since 2018 while also winning LinkedIn's Top StartUp's Award. Being a multi-national company operating in Australia, Canada and UK their aim is to solve underemployment by highlighting the skills of Veterans, Neurodiverse and Refugees over experience.

I started my Journey with them in October 2020 as a Career Success Executive and Academy Instructor (hybrid role) where I made calls to students and figured out based on their testing results, what tech career would be best suited too them. From the Academy side I created and executed a Bootcamp.

However within this time I was activity engaged in building Marketing content for the Marketing department and I so I decided to moved roles.

Project - Job Accelerator Event

The Brief

I was informed from my line manager that we were hosting a Job Accelerator event (these were events that were hosted with our clients where they would learn more about them and conduct interviews for open jobs).

The event would be hosted on a TBC date of 26/10/2022 and my job would be to make sure that the event ran smoothly and that a target of 50 people attended the event as well as a number of 150 EOI's were met.

The Plan & Thought Process - Creative Brainstorming

Operating independently and with 2 weeks until then event I had to start to plan how I was going to funnel users to the event.

Firstly, I built out a list of all the requirements needed for the event to be successful, to do this I regularly engaged key stakeholders such as my Line Manager, Delivery and Career Success teams in order to keep up to date with the latest changes.

Once requirements were established I wrote out a timeline of what needed to go out and when, setting my self deadlines and created an effective Marketing Strategy. The Project Management would be done through Monday.com as it was the company's tool of choice.

The Execution

The Ad

I did not want to create Ads in order to funnel people to the event because this would be expensive and the company was operating with a strict marketing budget however, after speaking to my manager about it, It was agreed that the budget would allow for this and that Ads would be necessary to drive enough people to the event.

Landing Page Creation

Next, was the Landing Page (not shown which will be explained in the Challenges section later) which I built using WordPress & Oxygen theme builder. The page had a Form Submission (which I created in HS) for the event which would auto populate the user in HubSpot, this would allow me to perform email marketing to the contacts interested in the event.

The HubSpot Workflow & Email

Next, I created the HubSpot workflow. I did this by using my logical thinking skills and set out the enrollment trigger to activate after the user submits the form. The Emails were then created to achieve 3 things for the user, build up hype, remind the user of the event date and let them know what to expect.

The email workflow was 4 sets of emails, 1 week before, 3 days before, 1 day before and 1 hour before. This along with Social Posts would I hoped attract users to the event.

Furthermore, I set up the Event itself on LinkedIn and created all the designs for the event as well as the copy. The Event would take users to the Landing Page I created earlier.

Key Challenges? - Opportunities for Growth

The biggest challenge I faced was due to a recent company internal accident the landing pages were deleted. I was made aware of it until 4 days prior the event!

This would have been disastrous for the event if I hadn't reacted swiftly and decisively. I started by quickly gaining permission to reinstall WordPress on the Web Server and create another Landing Page.

In the meantime I used the Companies legacy site Webflow to host the form on while I was able to recreate the Landing page.

I then updated the links so that they were pointing to the correct places for the user and then re-directed traffic to the new form.

Another challenged I faced was when designing the Creatives, being able to use the client Leonardo's logo on our designs. I communicated with Delivery who had access to the client to confirm that we had permission to use their logo.

Being relentless on this issue by having regular check in's I would be able to react quickly if we suddenly got permission to do so. We did eventually but in the meantime I was designing as if we couldn't use their logo.

Complicating things further was that our Social Media Manager had left the company and so I had to adapt by posting my own content which luckily I already had previous experience with so this challenge was easily overcome..

Example of my Social Post

The Results! - I smashed the Targets!

The Impact on the result that I had was massive, not only did I achieve the goal set out of gaining the required 50 people and 150 EOI's but I smashed it by gaining 93 people to attend and 152 EOI's. When you factor in that the Landing Page was down 4 days prior this was a major result.

The above screenshot is from Head of Delivery who praised the Marketing team for our efforts!

Lessons Learnt

If I were to do this again I would have increased the amount of social posts that I did from 1 to 3 times per week to further improve the result.

Skills Used for this Project

Tech Skills

Creative Copywriting
Data Analytics
Social Media Management
WordPress knowledge with HTML & CSS
HubSpot Suite
Canva Design for Creatives
Facebook Ads & Ads Management
Email Marketing & Workflows Knowledge
SEO Knowledge for Website building

Soft Skills

Cross Department Communication
Adaptability to change
Good Problem Solving Skills
A Can do attitude
Time management
Decision Making
Multi-tasking capability

Project - Increase B2C SignUp's & Improve Funnel Metrics

The Brief

The brief was set by the CEO and was to increase the B2C Signups for WYWM's platform called Potential in order to improve the funnel so that our users would perform desired actions so that they meet our business goals.

This improvements were to be for our global markets such as UK, Australia and Canada. To help me in this task I would be working with the Marketing Manager & my mentor Jordan.

I would then present the results to the CEO of WYWM Tom Moore.

Note: Some of screenshots might not show accurate data due me taking the screenshots in hindsight.

The Plan, Thought Process & Data - Down The Rabbit Hole!

Click on images to enlarge content

Thoughts & Strategy

My first step was to work out a Marketing Strategy and so I brainstormed with Jordan on how we could best impact the metrics that the company desired.

We looked at the whole funnel and we could quite clearly see that the users currently on the platform were not engaging with our current emails nurturing funnel.

Therefore the strategy would be to focus on our existing users already on the platform and create a new funnel that would improve our business metrics. We would do this through Email Marketing and Workflows because this was low cost compared to Paid Ads and I felt it would make the biggest impact.

Furthermore, as part of the strategy we would focus on Country & Goal segmentation rather than global in order to increase efficiency. These goals were G1, G2, G3, G4.

Diving Deeper - The Data

After doing an analysis of the current Emails funnel and workflow I found these interesting points:

  1. The emails start with jokiness instead of a clear goal.
  2. The Gif isn't relevant to the content.
  3. The email isn't responsive on desktop or mobile.
  4. Negative tone and messaging.

What does this mean?

The data showed that although over a 1000 people entered this funnel, the low click rate of 4.25% (26 clicks) means only a a couple of hundred are signing up to the platform and performing the desired actions

Therefore, there were significant campaign costs to be saved by the company by executing a more efficient funnel and there were lot's of untapped potential to increase further revenue.

The Execution - Fierce Marketing Wizardry

Building out the Emails

Using my previous data analysis I built out the emails by using my great copywriting skills and ensured all improvement points were met. To the right is the G1 email I created, as you can see there was no raccoon gif!

Overall, I created 16 automated emails, each email had a clear objective with actions broken down into sizeable chunks for the user.

Workflow Creation

I went on to the HubSpot Workflow, this was to enable the emails that I created to be sent out automatically once the user had signed up to our platform. Before adding the emails to the workflow however, I created a Static list in order to track the users who had completed certain actions for example G1 was to track how many users had completed Profile Completions (known as a 'Sign Up') so they would go into a the B2C.G1.Live list.

Split/A B Testing Emails

Throughout the building process, I decided that we should split test some of the emails in order to find the most effective email result - in particular if gif's were more effective than text.

Click on images to enlarge content

Key Challenges? - Opportunities for Growth


The main challenge I faced was when I tried to edit the existing email workflow funnel. However, I found this difficult to do mainly because labels people had previously used were not relevant to the object itself.

Furthermore, the workflow was extremely large and problems with the workflow could not be easily identified (this was a previous company problem).

How I Overcame

I overcame this problem by deciding to create a new workflow with each goal having its own. The main benefit of segmenting the workflows in this way would be that if problems within the workflow existed these could be easily identified and solved.

Furthermore, it allowed someone in the future to easily understand what the workflow was doing and how it worked without having to spend hours finding out.

To the right shows an example of the old workflow. (This is just one screenshot! There were another 7 but I decided to spare you the pain!)

Example of my Social Post

The Results! - Moment of Truth

Finally I had to present my findings to the CEO of WithYouWithMe Tom Moore, I did this through PowerPoint and added some meme's to not make it boring. This was very well received by Tom because it showed that there was a significant increase in User engagement by gaining 71 new users per week (record number!) to the platform compared to the old funnel of 2 users. Therefore I achieved success in the task I was given.

From the Data we can also see:

  1. Increased the click rate of emails compared to the old email by 60 clicks.
  2. There are 57 more people coming to the platform every week after signing up.
  3. By further A/B Testing in the future and taking the best stats from all the emails I could potentially increase the result by 428%!

Skills Used for this Project

Tech Skills

Creative Copywriting
Data Analytics
A/B Testing
Email Mobile responsiveness knowledge
HubSpot Suite
Canva Design for Email Banners
Email Marketing & Workflows Knowledge
Bitly Links

Soft Skills

Adaptability to change
Good Problem Solving Skills
Presentation ability
Innovation to problems
Time management
Data decision making
Multi-tasking capability

Other Content

Social Posts

Paid B2B & B2C Ad Creatives

Other Designs & Creatives

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What do people Say about me?

My Testimonials - The Proof

What My Bossess Say...

"Jack is nothing other then exceptional.

Please reach out to me for a chat about Jack at any time."

Tom Moore

CEO and Founder


"As the Marketing Coordinator for the UK arm of our business, Jack has delivered key marketing

support and services both regionally to the UK, as well as to our global markets including Australia

and Canada."

Alicia Kouparitsas  

Chief Marketing Officer


"Jack has some wonderful marketing experience as well as a keen interest in Web3"

Carlee Lloyd

Community Manager

Third Academy

"Working on a project becomes easier with someone like Jack

on your team.

With a plethora of marketing skill under his belt he can

truly make magic happen"

Jordan Minhinnick 

Regional Marketing Manager


What My Work Colleagues Say...

"Jack is an asset to any team he works in. He has such a tremendous diversity of thought that enables him to see the bigger picture and not only create revolutionary ideas from it, but also drive those ideas forward to fruition. He is tenacious and a force to be reckoned with. A pleasure to work with."

Samantha Gillison

Squad Leader


"Jack is a pleasure to work with, he has a wealth of knowledge and is always thirsty for more, which is evident from his reasoned questions posed during company meetings."

Jase Curtis

Head Of Onboarding


"In a marketing setting, Jack not only delivers quality content but also delivers a strong message in anything that he creates. Every bit of content that he had created during his time at WYWM has been what drove a lot of neurodiverse candidates to the potential platform."

Brendan Long

Course Content Developer/ Quality Assurance


"I’ve always admired Jack's level of analysis and fearlessness in the face of new problems. A “we’ll figure it out” attitude is rare and he's got one!"

Luke Morrision

Vice President Operations


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