Finding hidden Neurodivergent Heroes and Heroines


We believe that Neurodivergent people have a lot to offer in the workplace. We help prepare them with the skills they need to be successful, and we also help Employers create a Neurodivergent-friendly environment which gets results.

We know that when Neurodivergent employees are given the opportunity to reach their potential, they can achieve amazing things. That's why we're so passionate about what we do!

At Desmond Digital, we pride ourselves on offering the best in tech and job skills training. Our Bootcamps are top-notch, and our Mentorship Program is unbeatable. Plus, we offer Workplace Consultation and Business Marketing Audits to help your business succeed! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you - you won't regret it!

A Neurodivergent business that specialises in neurodivergent Acceleration.

no textbook psychologist here!

Our Approach

The Neurodiverse Way!

Step 1

We Discover

Finding individuals who are ND and the challenges that they face within the workplace and personally. We work out how to unlock their strengths & improve their weaknesses in order for them to perform their best within the workplace. 

Step 2

We Unlock & Transform

We build on existing and new skills that the ND requires within the workplace in order to be effective employees. We have a variety of resources to achieve that and depending on your situation this could be a Bootcamp, Individual Mentorship or Work Consultation.

Step 3

We Support

Once the student is deployed into the workplace or is already in a job, we then support them with 1-to-1 consultations to address concerns or issues they are having through guidance.

Questions? Give us a call

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have at no cost to you!




"Desmond Digital's Mentorship Program really helped me overcome some of the major challenges that I faced in my life. Having someone in my corner really helped me"

Jason Swartzman


Desmond Digital were able to unlock my hidden strengths that I never knew I had. This really gave me confidence in helping me to succeed in the workplace.

Susan Whiting


Dezzi's Audit really helped us tap into the Neurodivergent Market. His understanding of the space unlocked a whole new world for us.

Frank Simons


Our Products & Services

Digital & Mindset Bootcamps

We have Bootcamps in the following:

  1. QA Testing (External)
  2. Software Development (External)
  3. Marketing
  4. Mindset & Career Ready

Work Consultations

Allow us to work with you to identify common problems within the workplace that ND people are having and explore solutions to make your business ND ready.

Mentorship Program

We will become your Mentor and as such you will go through our full comprehensive custom training for your individual requirements.

This can apply to both Job Seekers too.

ND Marketing Audits

Our team also specialise in Marketing Audits to that you are able to increase conversions as well as leads. Especially if you struggle to gain ND customers!

For Individuals

Retrain or Upskill in the Digital World & Unlock the skills you never knew you had!

Digtial Bootcamps

Mindset Bootcamps



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For Organisations

Take full advantage of the Talent your organization is already using

Unlock the talent that you already have in your workforce and accelerate that person's career through our Consultation Service or find new capability from our Talent pool.

We can also help grow your Business through our excellent Marketing team! We offer a No Result, No Fee policy.

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Mentorship Program

Work Consultations

Marketing Audits


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