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Company Background

WithYouWithMe is a FREE online training platform for overlooked talent that develops and up-skills talented military professionals to transition successfully into industry through our pathway and mentoring model.

One of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies with 3x growth YoY since 2018 while also winning LinkedIn's Top StartUp's Award. Being a multi-national company operating in Australia, Canada and UK their aim is to solve underemployment by highlighting the skills of Veterans, Neurodiverse and Refugees over experience.

During my role as a Marketer I would be actively help others with their neurodiversity or issues they had within the workplace. This although not an official role, I became WYWM's Neurodivergent Champion within the company due to expertise within the field and friendly personality.

It eventually became part of my identity and personal brand.

Project - Helping New Starter Settle In

The Brief

I received message from someone within the company on Discord about a problem they were facing. The were struggling with the the tasks that they were given and confused as to what to do.

They were highly stressed and were on the brink of breaking down into tears. They heard that I was neurodivergent and so had reached out to me for advice which I gladly accepted.

The Plan & Thought Process - Creative Brainstorming

There were many considerations that had to be accounted for such as does their manager know? What is the company policy? How can I help them without going behind their managers back or betraying their confidence?

I internalised all these questions before I jumped on the call with that individual. I knew before going into the call that I had to be calm and sensitive to the individuals needs while following the company policy.

The Execution

After jumping on the call the person who was really unset and confused with what they should do. There were a lot of anxiety in their voice when speaking about the problem they were having and so I just sat back and listened.

The problem was that they had two different managers and were given two sets of tasks to do at once and were confused with how to prioritise these tasks while understanding their neurodivergent condition ADHD.

I then relied on my own experiences to best guide them and approached them in a empathetic, logical and calm manner.

The solution was to help them process what being neurodivergent meant to them and busting some of the common myths tied to that condition. I also advised a action plan & helped them with the following:

  1. Check with their manager on what deadlines were required for each task.
  2. Focus on 1 task per week until they get comfortable in their role and tell their manager this, highlighting the problem they told me.
  3. Break down the big tasks into small tasks.
  4. What does being neurodivergent really mean?
  5. Dismiss the fear that they were having about their neurodivergent condition.

Finally I gave them a massive confidence boost by giving them a pep talk.

Key Challenges? - Opportunities for Growth

The Problem

As mentioned I had to make sure that I was following company policy so before I jumped on the call but had to be sensitive to the situation.

How I overcame

I made sure to fully understand what the company policy was before I began the call and told the individual that it was best to let their manager know when they feel comfortable.

The Results! - I smashed the Targets!

The result was the person having difficulty were able to become super productive and able to complete the tasks to a very high standard. Their manager also thanked me for helping the employee in such a professional empathetic manner.

Lessons Learnt

If I were to do this again I would have offered to be on the call with their manager for support if they neeeded.

Skills Used for this Project

Tech Skills

Common sense
Neurodivergent knowledge
Microsoft Office
Windows Pc

Soft Skills

Time management
Good Problem Solving Skills

Project - Supporting Management To Manage Their Employees Effectively

The Brief

I was approached by management on how to effectively manage neurodiverse employees and for them to get educated on the subject.

Therefore I volunteered to perform this task with my work colleague Jason. We had to come with with a bunch of training sessions that would be informative for management about neurodiversity.

The Plan & Thought Process - Down The Rabbit Hole!

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We planned out the content and agreed that I would focus on the practical elements whereas Jason would focus on delivery of the PowerPoint presentation.

We would be in touch over Discord and would have meetings to check in with how each other was doing.

The Execution - ND Champion to The Rescue!

We decided that Jason would handle the PowerPoint and the 1 hour session would be executed with the following agenda:

  1. Introduction (Me & Jason)
  2. What is Neurodiversity (Jason)
  3. Common myths of ND (Jason)
  4. How to effectively Manage your ND employees (Me)
  5. Q & A (Me & Jason)

During the session mangers wanted to know how they could use what they learnt in the session within their job roles. So I was happy to provide job specific input with examples on how they could use this.

For example those that were in Career Success could do dummy runs with the neurodivergent employee until they are comfortable doing phone calls with clients.

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Key Challenges? - Opportunities for Growth


Half way through the presentation Jason stumbled and was flooded with emotion when talking about his personal battle with neurodivergent discrimination.

How I Overcame

I overcame this by asking Jason if it was okay to take over which he agreed. I then carried on with the meeting and improvised the content by sharing one of my neurodivergent stories.

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The Results! - Moment of Truth

Finally I had to present my findings to the CEO of WithYouWithMe Tom Moore, I did this through PowerPoint and added some meme's to not make it boring. This was very well received by Tom because it showed that there was a significant increase in User engagement by gaining 71 new users per week (record number!) to the platform compared to the old funnel of 2 users. Therefore I achieved success in the task I was given.

From the Data we can also see:

  1. Increased the click rate of emails compared to the old email by 60 clicks.
  2. There are 57 more people coming to the platform every week after signing up.
  3. By further A/B Testing in the future and taking the best stats from all the emails I could potentially increase the result by 428%!

Skills Used for this Project

Tech Skills

Creative Copywriting
Data Analytics
A/B Testing
Email Mobile responsiveness knowledge
HubSpot Suite
Canva Design for Email Banners
Email Marketing & Workflows Knowledge
Bitly Links

Soft Skills

Adaptability to change
Good Problem Solving Skills
Presentation ability
Innovation to problems
Time management
Data decision making
Multi-tasking capability

Other Content

Social Posts

Paid B2B & B2C Ad Creatives

Other Designs & Creatives

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What do people Say about me?

My Testimonials - The Proof

What My Bossess Say...

"Jack is nothing other then exceptional.

Please reach out to me for a chat about Jack at any time."

Tom Moore

CEO and Founder


"As the Marketing Coordinator for the UK arm of our business, Jack has delivered key marketing

support and services both regionally to the UK, as well as to our global markets including Australia

and Canada."

Alicia Kouparitsas  

Chief Marketing Officer


"Jack has some wonderful marketing experience as well as a keen interest in Web3"

Carlee Lloyd

Community Manager

Third Academy

"Working on a project becomes easier with someone like Jack

on your team.

With a plethora of marketing skill under his belt he can

truly make magic happen"

Jordan Minhinnick 

Regional Marketing Manager


What My Work Colleagues Say...

"Jack is an asset to any team he works in. He has such a tremendous diversity of thought that enables him to see the bigger picture and not only create revolutionary ideas from it, but also drive those ideas forward to fruition. He is tenacious and a force to be reckoned with. A pleasure to work with."

Samantha Gillison

Squad Leader


"Jack is a pleasure to work with, he has a wealth of knowledge and is always thirsty for more, which is evident from his reasoned questions posed during company meetings."

Jase Curtis

Head Of Onboarding


"In a marketing setting, Jack not only delivers quality content but also delivers a strong message in anything that he creates. Every bit of content that he had created during his time at WYWM has been what drove a lot of neurodiverse candidates to the potential platform."

Brendan Long

Course Content Developer/ Quality Assurance


"I’ve always admired Jack's level of analysis and fearlessness in the face of new problems. A “we’ll figure it out” attitude is rare and he's got one!"

Luke Morrision

Vice President Operations


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