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I am Jack Desmond a relentless, friendly Neurodivergent, Digital Marketer & Growth Specialist that is looking to create a fierce impact on my next exciting opportunity to progress my career within the Digital Marketing.

If your looking for someone who thinks ‘outside the box’, curiosity driven & understands how to get meaningful results from Social Media then I am your next essential hire!

Hire me before someone else does!

My Portfolio - Witness the Impact


WithYouWithMe is a FREE online training platform for overlooked talent that develops and up-skills talented military professionals to transition successfully into industry through our pathway and mentoring model.

One of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies with 3x growth YoY since 2018.

Third Academy

We're a Web3 educational collective and career launchpad.

Our courses are designed to onboard the next generation of professionals. And, they're open to all, because in building a new iteration of the Web, we need everyone's input and experience to fix the mistakes of the past.

Neurodivergent Champion & Personal Brand

Championed the Neurodiverse space by busting common myths that neurodivergent people face in life and the workplace.

I also mentored a few people who struggled with work and coming to terms with their diagnosis.

More About Me!

I am a fierce individual who loves to be disruptive (in a good way!) in the Digital Marketing world. I have a passion for learning and Growth mindset.

In my free time I love gaming and going to historical places like visiting castles! I am also a nerd when it comes to Superheros and anime.

Curious to know more? View my Silicon Valley, Stanford University approved Aptitude testing scores and CV 🙂

I GOT Skills...

Social Media Management
Experienced in the Web3/Crypto Industry
WordPress knowledge with HTML & CSS
HubSpot Suite
Canva Design for Creatives
Ads Management
Email Marketing & Workflows
SEO Knowledge

What do people Say about me?

My Testimonials - The Proof

What My Bossess Say...

"Jack is nothing other then exceptional.

Please reach out to me for a chat about Jack at any time."

Tom Moore

CEO and Founder


"As the Marketing Coordinator for the UK arm of our business, Jack has delivered key marketing

support and services both regionally to the UK, as well as to our global markets including Australia

and Canada."

Alicia Kouparitsas  

Chief Marketing Officer


"Jack has some wonderful marketing experience as well as a keen interest in Web3"

Carlee Lloyd

Community Manager

Third Academy

"Working on a project becomes easier with someone like Jack

on your team.

With a plethora of marketing skill under his belt he can

truly make magic happen"

Jordan Minhinnick 

Regional Marketing Manager


What My Work Colleagues Say...

"Jack is an asset to any team he works in. He has such a tremendous diversity of thought that enables him to see the bigger picture and not only create revolutionary ideas from it, but also drive those ideas forward to fruition. He is tenacious and a force to be reckoned with. A pleasure to work with."

Samantha Gillison

Squad Leader


"Jack is a pleasure to work with, he has a wealth of knowledge and is always thirsty for more, which is evident from his reasoned questions posed during company meetings."

Jase Curtis

Head Of Onboarding


"In a marketing setting, Jack not only delivers quality content but also delivers a strong message in anything that he creates. Every bit of content that he had created during his time at WYWM has been what drove a lot of neurodiverse candidates to the potential platform."

Brendan Long

Course Content Developer/ Quality Assurance


"I’ve always admired Jack's level of analysis and fearlessness in the face of new problems. A “we’ll figure it out” attitude is rare and he's got one!"

Luke Morrision

Vice President Operations


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